’When it comes to renewable energy discussions, the key role played by bioenergy in Europe is often underestimated, compared to its actual contribution”

Jean-Marc Jossert, AEBIOM secretary general pronounces himself after the annual release of the Europeand Biomass Association report for the outlook of 2015. According to the report more than 60% of all renewable energy consumed in the memeber countries of Europe is bioenergy, and the final energy consumption of biomass has dubbled from 2000-2013. Biomass as renewable energy source is the only source providing solutions for all energy sectors and has the potential to play a large role and solution for especially the heating of EU’s energy dependecy challange, which accounts for half of EU’s final energy consuption. It’s just parts of the key findings of the report, and if you want to read more, go to Bioenergy Insigth below or order the report at AEBIOM’s webside.

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