Bioendev upgrades the facility

Bioendev upgrades the Industrial Demonstration Unit in Holmsund, Sweden, with a new Stela bed dryer to increase the capacity of the plant. The installation of the new dryer is now in progress and it will be commissioned at the end of December.

Bioendev is growing!

We are happy to welcome three new employees, Tord Larsson, Emil Almroth and Sadegh Alikhani who are all working as operating staff in our Industrial Demonstration Unit in Holmsund, Sweden.


Bioendev delivers 150 tonnes Biocoal to steel research

Bioendev has supplied 150 tonnes torrefied pellets to SSAB Merox in an ongoing national research project. The Biocoal is mixed with residual material in briquettes and charged into the blast furnace at the SSAB Special Steel integrated steel plant. Hereby the fossil carbon dioxide emissions are expected to be lowered.

The project is coordinated by Swerea MEFOS and involves several industrial and academic partners.

Photo: Stig-Göran Nilsson, Jernkontoret

Bioendev in Bioenergy International

Bioendev is acknowledged in a three-page story in the latest Bioenergy International Pellets Special 3. The article describes the company all the way from its start in 2007 to today, covering the torrefaction process, the industrial demonstration unit and Bioendev’s plans for the future.

”… we are experiencing a lot of interest from around the world. The interest is both in our pellets for testing and our technology for green energy, fuels and chemicals.”

Read the article in its whole below or at Bioenergy International Magazine.


Johan Berggren appointed as new CEO of Bioendev

Bioendev are glad to announce our new CEO Johan Berggren who took over the post the 13:th of October.

During 2016 appointed CEO Johan Berggren has been developing Bioendev’s sales and marketing, primarily in the Nordic countries and the UK. Before that, Berggren has since 2010 been working with business development and construction of wind farms in Sweden and Finland. Prior to which Berggren held the position as CEO of two Swedish forestry machine manufacturers, as well as working as Area Manager at John Deere Forestry division.

“Johan Berggren has the experience that is required as the company now enters a phase of strong market expansion. I´m very pleased that he has joined”, says Göran Ernstson, Chairman of the Board of Directors in Bioendev and CEO of majority shareholder Umeå Energi.

”As Bioendev now moves on to commercialization I believe that Johan Berggren’s extensive knowledge and experience in the processing of biomass, ranging from various types of raw materials to technology, sales and management will be a perfect match”, says former CEO Anders Frisk. ”The demand for competitive alternatives to fossil coal is increasing. It is obvious that the real growth of bio coal is now starting.  I look forward to experience this development together with a team that has world-leading knowledge and experience in our industry”, says Johan Berggren.

In conjunction with Johan Berggren assuming his position, former CEO Anders Frisk will move on to working as a consultant in the cleantech and sustainability sector. 

For more information

Johan Berggren, CEO Bioendev, +46 (0)73 500 71 36

Göran Ernstson, CEO Umeå Energi and Chairman of the board Bioendev, + 46 (0)70 650 13 97

Pöyry reports biomass cofiring as one option to coal conundrum

Pöyry has recently released an report of the role of coal in a lower carbon-economy. Biomass Magazine has done a great work summering up the report which you can reach by the link bellow. The report adresses that even if there is an increased knowledge of the climate change risks, especially after the Paris agreement in 2016, the higher global energy demand has lead to increased coal consumption. Pöyry says that the future role of coal in the global energy mix must include cofiring with biomass. They also imply the possibilities with black pellet (biocoal) which can reduce the conversion costs even more than conventional biomass like white pellet, and allow for higher levels of cofiring in existing CHP coal plants.

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Bioendev want’s to inform about an interest project that we have been a part of during 2016. The project is called Bio4Metals and is lead by Swerea MEFOS in Luleå and financed by EU.  The main purpose is to explode if biomass can replace fossil carbon in metal production. The project is also looking at to increase the profitability of northen Sweden as a large supplier of biomass by strengthening opportunities for local processing of biomass into biocoal that can be used as a substitute for fossil carbon in metal production. This also means reduced climate impact and a great contribution to the promotion of both Sweden and the EU’s environmental objectives. Other partners in the project is Umeå University, Processometri AB and BioFuel Region AB.


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Bioendev gets grant for testing torrefied construction waste!

Bioendev is constantly looking for new opportunities to process and refine different kinds of feedstocks. We are therefore very happy to announce that we have been approved a grant from The Swedish Energy Agency to evaluate the possibilities to use demolition- and construction waste in our torrefaction process to produce high value biocoal. An estimated 12 million-m3 construction waste is produced every year in Sweden, and a significant part of this is woody-based materials.



Umeå Energi visiting

This week we had representatives from Umeå Energi visiting. We have a great collaboration with our main owners and are discussing the possibilities with Bioendev’s black pellet in different parts of Umeå Energi’s business areas.