SLU visiting

This week we also had a large group of over 50 scientists  from SLU in Umeå and other different countries , company representatives and different organisations with interest in bioenergy visiting us at Bioendev. As you can see we are open for all kind of visitors, both large and small groups, that wants to learn more about our torrefaction technology.

Board of Umeå Energi

This week we had the whole board of Umeå Energi, the main owners of Bioendev, visiting us at IDU. We are glad to have such a commited and skilled board supporting us.

Richard Walton!

This week we were visited by Richard Walton of RFT UK. Richard is a true entrepreneur and pioneer in the Biocal market and has an extensive knowledge of torrefaction technologies. We discussed the future potential and what will be needed to meet future demand.


Bioendev at IWB Week

During the International Wood Biorefining Week in Stockholm, 25/5, our Sales Manager Lars-Åke Svensson will give a presentation of bioendev and the possibilities with torrefied Black pellet. The presentation will take place at 15:30 in Premises K3. For more information visit IWB Weeks website.

Svevia visiting

Today we had representatives from Svevia visiting us at Bioendev. From the left you can see Ingemar Lindh – Bioendev’s site manager for IDU, Gunnar Björn – Construction engineer asphalt from Svevia, Stefan Viberg – production manager asphalt Svevia, Magnus Petterson – Responsible for technology issues for asphalt Svevia, Anders Lindström – Environmental aspects for Svevia and Lars-Åke Svensson – Sales manager Bioendev. Many issues were discussed during the day with focus on the oportunitys of using torrefied black pellet in existing asphalt plants.

Cleaner Growth, Teknikdalen and Asset visiting

Recently we had the opportunity having representatives from Cleaner Growth, Teknikdalen and Asset visiting us at Bioendev. The purpose of the visit was to show potentials in new technology for export in the recently started collaboration between Asset and Cleaner Growth. Asset is a non-profit organization where the members are some of the leading environmental technology-clusters in Sweden. We are glad to have a close connection with these organizations and hope for continuously collaborations in the near future.

Field trip of SLU students

The 11:th of april we had a large group of students at the forrestry program at SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) visitng us. They are doing a course in ”Biorefinery and processed biofuels” which included a field trip to us at Bioendev. We always welcome visits of any kind and are glad to have a good relationship with the universites and their students.

LKAB, Vattenfall and SSAB wants to solve the issue of carbon dioxide in the steel industry

”The steel industry is one of the industries that emit the most carbon dioxide. We are willing to take considerable responsibility for finding a lasting solution to the question of carbon steel industry and contribute to a fossil-free Sweden” says LKAB’s CEO Jan Moström, SSAB’s CEO Martin Lindqvist and Vattenfall’s CEO Magnus Hall in a recent joint debate article in Dagens Industri.

In the articel you can read that the three large public companys in Sweden has now together started a  feasibility study to see if they can take a major leap in technology to solve the issue of carbon steel production in a radical and sustainable way in Sweden. They all want to take a leading role in the translation to a full carbon-free steel-industry. They are now courting the Swedish government and parliament to achieving a national unity around this issue. Although if they talks about the possibilities of hydrogen technology as a possible solution, it is an overall important guideline of the most influential companies in Sweden to move to fully sustainable energy sources for the industry. Bioendev welcomes the initiative.


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Agroenergi Neova

Today we had Ulf Strandell, production manager at Agroenergi Neova Pellet, visiting us in Holmsund. Ulf has a long backround in the pellet-industry in Sweden and showed great interest in Bioendev’s torrefaction-technology. We are looking forward keeping a good relationship with Ulf and Agroenergi Neova, which is one of the largest actors at the Swedish pellet market. At the picture you can see Ulf together with Lars-Åke Svensson, our Sales Manager of both black pellet from IDU and Bioendev’s torrefaction technology systems.

Karin Eckerdal on visit

Today Bioendev had the great opportunity having Karin Eckerdal, Deputy Director-General at Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, on visit. With her she had a delegation from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Magnus Hallberg from SP Processum and Anders Hultgren from SCA. It lead to great discussions about the future possibilities of the bioenergy market, the efforts which is made in todays politics of this area and how Bioendev can be a part of the transformation to a renewable energy nation.