Forrest owners visiting!

A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from a couple of forrest owners from LRF Jämtland, Norrskog and Energidalen Skelleftå. We are glad to have a good relation with our nearby forrest owners and looking forward for good collaboraitons in the future.

Bioendev in Skogsland

In the latest number of Skogsland (Nr 2, 2016) you can read about Bioendev and an interview with Lars-Åke Svensson, our Site manager of IDU.

Read the article here (In swedish)

Norra Skogsägarna visiting!

Yesterday we also had the pleasure of having Patrik Jonsson, Marketing Director of biofuels at Norra Skogsägarna, at visit. We where discussing different possible raw materials that can be used in the torrefaction process. As many others he is waiting with anticipation until IDU get it’s licens to operate to see how we can refine various materials, making a unique new product.

SCA Energy visiting!

Today’s visit consisted of Stefan Rönnqvist (Marketing Director for biofuels) and Peter Brekke (Regional Manager for Norrbränslen) from SCA Energy. SCA has been an important partner in the IDU project and as the comissioning of the fascility is almost completed further discussions are now started for possible continued cooperations. Lars-Åke Svensson (site manager) and Ingemar Lindh (CTO and founder of Bioendev) gives a tour of the fascility during a cold and windy day in Holmsund.

New Logo!

Bioendev is developing in many ways at the moment, one way is a new logotype of the company. The Birch leaf, an icon for Umeå, the roots of Bioendev, is the main objective of the new logo compounded with the flame of the torrefaction process.

Skellefteå Kraft on visit!

Last week we had the pleasure of having Skellefteå Kraft visiting us. On the picture you can see Erik Jonsson and Svante Carlsson together with our Plant-manager Lars-Åke Svensson examine the reactor and combustion chamber of IDU.

’When it comes to renewable energy discussions, the key role played by bioenergy in Europe is often underestimated, compared to its actual contribution”

Jean-Marc Jossert, AEBIOM secretary general pronounces himself after the annual release of the Europeand Biomass Association report for the outlook of 2015. According to the report more than 60% of all renewable energy consumed in the memeber countries of Europe is bioenergy, and the final energy consumption of biomass has dubbled from 2000-2013. Biomass as renewable energy source is the only source providing solutions for all energy sectors and has the potential to play a large role and solution for especially the heating of EU’s energy dependecy challange, which accounts for half of EU’s final energy consuption. It’s just parts of the key findings of the report, and if you want to read more, go to Bioenergy Insigth below or order the report at AEBIOM’s webside.

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Graanul Invest on visit!

Last week Bioendev had the pleasure to welcome a delegate from Graanul Invest to our office in Umeå together with representatives for the project Biofuel Region. Jaano Haidla, in charge of a production and raw material supply issues, Priit Uuemaa, in charge of energy and development issues and Mindaugas Puodžiūnas, Supply and logistics manager had a review of IDU and were discussing possibilities to use Bioendev’s torrefaction technic in existing industrial pelletplants.

Mikael Källgren with delegation visiting Bioendev

SCA Energy’s new CEO Mikael Källgren together with a delegation from SCA Norrbränslen consisting of Sophia Innala and Peter Bräcke, both Regional managers, and Göran Edman, holding manager was yesterday visiting Bioendev. A lot of different topics where discussed, as the possibilities of using Black pellets in current lime kilns, the many global problems with biomass seen today where solutions could be made trough Bioendev’s technology and political incentives for possible conversion to black pellets on national and international market. Bioendev are glad to have SCA supporting the project of IDU and looking forward to keep discussing the opportunities of torrified biomass as energy source in the paper industri.


From the left: Göran Edman, Peter Bräcke, Mikael Källgren, Sophia Innala and Lars-Åke Svensson from Bioendev.

Helen Sjögren visits Bioendev

Today Helen Sjögren, head of bioenergy issues for the Forestry Industries in Sweden, visited Bioendev. She showed great interest in the torrefaction technology of Bioendev and was optimistic for its future opportunities in the global bioenergy policy.