Swedish Minister of Enterprise on visit

Mikael Damberg, Sweden’s industrial and innovation minister, was September 16, visiting BioEndev in connection with an innovation journey in Umeå. With the new facility for green coal Umeå show that it is an innovation city of rank and at the forefront of the bio-economy development” Mikael Damberg pronounce himself .

See the press message in the link below.

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Obama’s Clean Power plan enables investments in bioenergy

On August 3, President Obama and EPA announced the new Clean Power Plan – a historic and important step in reducing carbon pollution from power plants that takes real action on climate change. The clean power plan sees potential in bioenergy investments which directly favors torreficated materials as a possible exchangeable energy source to existing coal plants.

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New employees

Bioendev presents two new employees to the team. First, the recently become doctor in Energy Technology and Thermal Process Chemistry, Martin Strandberg. Martin has already contributed a lot in the construction of IDU and worked on and off for BioEndev, between his research, for many years with the development of our torrefaction technology. Now he will lead a large part of BioEndevs projection and design-work for commercial torrefaction plants.

We also want to welcome Jonathan Bergman, who soon finishes his master’s degree in Energy Engineering. For several years he has been involved in the operation of BioEndevs pilot plant. Jonathan will primarily work as a construction designer for commercial torrefaction plants.

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PhD Martin Strandberg

Martin Strandberg, a key person in the development of BioEndevs technology, can now title himself as PhD in Energy Technology and Thermal Process Chemistry. This after the publication of his thesis ”from Torrefaction to gasification: Pilot Scale Studies for the upgrading of biomass,” where the major focus of the study has been to refine chipped spruce and logging residues from the Swedish forestry industry. The result of the study also shows promising for other energy assortments like reed canary grass and eucalyptus. The whole thesis is published digital for download here.

(link to article in swedish)

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Progress in Holmsund

Two days before Christmas Eve, the torrefaction reactor arrives to Holmsund outside Umeå. This means another step towards the completion of BioEndev’s Industrial Demonstration Unit during the 2015th.