Bioendev offers patented torrefaction technology for Greenfield turnkey torrefaction pellet plants and retrofitted conventional white pellet plants with the capacity from 30-200 kton/year to customers who wants to solve the problems that exist with coal-usage or conventional biomass.  The torrefaction technology can handle a wide range of raw material and the torrefied biomass can be used as powder or be densified through pelletizing or briquetting. Together with standardized drying– and densifying technology our torrefaction plants will produce torrefied biomass with high process control, product quality and ability to customize the final product at a cost that provides good sales margins. Every customer case is unique and vary depending on the opportunities to exploit existing residual heat, machine equipment, geographic location and commodity options.


Bioendev offers long-term offtake-contracts of black pellet from the Industrial Demonstration Plant (IDU) in Holmsund Sweden with a capacity of 16 kton/year or 2 ton/h. We also offer small and large test batches of black pellet for industrial trials.


Bioendev offer tests of different forms of new raw materials that customers and other stakeholders are interested to evaluate in the torrefaction process. This can both be made through smaller tests with Bioendev’s Pilot plant and larger tests in IDU.



Please contact our Sales Manager Lars-Åke Svensson if you are interested in buying Bioendev’s torrefaction technology, our Black Pellet or conducting tests of raw materials.


Lars-Åke Svensson +46 70 677 06 05 

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