Our technology

Since the start in 2007, Bioendev has worked intensively to develop an energy- and cost-efficient technology for torrefaction with high mass yield and excellent product quality. With long experience and deep knowledge in biomass refinement, the founders and researchers of Bioendev have invented several unique and patented solutions, which has solved earlier experienced problems with the torrefaction process.

The process consists of a combined dryer and torrefaction reactor with a rotary transport screw with excellent controllability of residence time, temperature and atmosphere. The torrefied biomass passes a patented cooling conveyor where it is both directly and indirectly cooled with water and optionally also moisturized prior to the compaction process. Process control and product quality to a low cost has been the focus during the development of the technology. With 14 patent applications and more to come, Bioendev now has a cutting edge system for production of black pellets.

Compared to other torrefaction technologies Bioendev has a more controllable process with higher capacity utilization, which in turn generates a product with higher quality and yield. The intelligent process has integrated patented solutions that both enhance the total process and the end product. The process heating system and cooling techniques significantly improve the yield and product quality which in turn generate higher heating values of the torrefaction gas which results in a more energy efficient process solution at a lower investment costs.

For questions regarding Bioendev’s technology contact our CTO Martin Strandberg, at martin.strandberg@bioendev.se

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