About Bioendev

Bioendev is an innovative technology development company founded by Professor Anders Nordin and Doctor Ingemar Lindh in 2007. The company develop and supply torrefaction technology for production of black pellets, that enables the most cost-effective use of biomass in heat and power generation.

Based on over ten years of research, Bioendev provide the world with a smarter substitution for fossil fuels and today the company have more than ten patents. One of the companys keys to success is creating an opportunity for sustainable change with low thresholds that is easy to adapt.

Combined with an effective value chain and low investments costs, the Bioendev technology provide owners of fossil coal plants and builders of plants an alternative to coal that significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

Bioendevs industrial demonstration unit with 16 kton annual capacity was commissioned in 2016 and is now up and running. We also offer conversion of white pellets plants to torrefaction.

For inquiries about acquiring Bioendev’s technology, please contact Johan Berggren at johan.berggren@bioendev.se

Founder Anders Nordin talking about BioEndev and the benefits with black pellets (In Swedish).

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