Following the success in the Pilot plant, Bioendev decided to proceed with the technology and we are currently scaling up our technology from 150 kg/hour to 2 tons/hour. We are now operating an Industrial Demonstration Unit (IDU) in Holmsund just outside of Umeå, with annual capacity of 16 kton black pellets. The Swedish Energy Agency, Umeå Energy and SCA are financing the project, and BRUKS is the main contractor for the facility.

The purpose of our Industrial Demonstration Unit is a proof of concept of Bioendev’s technology in commercial scale, and demonstrate the innovative and unique technology solutions for process control and product quality. We are also selling black pellets to customers benefitting from switching to torrefied fuel.

For interest in buying black pellets from our Industrial Demonstration Unit, please contact our Sales Manager, Lars-Åke Svensson, at

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