"Developer and supplier of high-tech systems for cost efficient pre-treatment of biomass for use in heat and power generation, conversion to liquid fuels and production of green chemicals"

Based on over ten years of research, Bioendev has developed an innovative torrefaction technology for production of black pellets. With over 10 patents we have a unique technology with high process control and availability.

Black pellets resembles fossile coal in many ways but is renewable and carbon neutral. Black pellets are hydrophobic and has up to 50% higher energy density compared to white pellets.

In our Pilot Plant we offer feasibility studies and small batches of black pellets.

Our Industrial Demonstration Unit with 16 kton annual capacity was commissioned in 2016 and is now up and running. We can offer large batches of black pellets and demonstration visits.

We will soon be offering Commercial Scale torrefaction units together with our EPC partner.